Who was Where When
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ALABAMA, Cherokee County
1882 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family -- daughter Pearl born
1895 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family -- daughter Cora married at home

ALABAMA, Pickens County
1830 (102)Samuel D Alexander Family
1840 (102)Samuel D Alexander Family
1850 (102)Samuel D Alexander with daughter Sarah Bryan

DELAWARE, New Castle
1676 (1632) Joseph Alexander

GEORGIA, Bartow County (Cass County until 1861)
1840 (26)Robert W Slaughter Family
1850 (26)Robert W Slaughter Family
1860 (26)Robert W Slaughter Family
1870 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family
(27)Margaret Speake Slaughter Family -- (26)Robert had died
1880 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family
(27)Margaret Speake Slaughter Family

GEORGIA, Butts County
1828 (108)Richard Speake Family
1836 (26)Robert W Slaughter marries (27)Margaret T Speake
1838 (26)Robert W Slaughter Family -- son David born

GEORGIA, Cherokee County
1836 (28)John Keller Moore Family
1840 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1850 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
(28)John Keller Moore Family
1860 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
(28)John Keller Moore Family
1870 (59)Sarah Evans Garrison with son John Barstol -- (58)Nehemiah had died
(28)John Keller Moore Family
1880 (28)John Keller Moore Family
(30)Robert W Pasley Family
(14)A Osgood Moore Family
1900 (29)Frances Garrison Moore Family -- (28)John had died
(12)A Franklin Roberts Family
(14)A Osgood Moore Family
1910 (29)Frances Garrison Moore with son Arobius
(12)A Franklin Roberts Family
1920 (13)Imogene Slaughter Roberts Family -- (12)Franklin had died
(14)A Osgood Moore Family
1930 (14)A Osgood Moore Family

GEORGIA, Habersham County
1856 (30)Robert W Pasley Family -- (15)Sarah Helen born
1860 (30)Robert W Pasley Family
1870 (30)Robert W Pasley Family

GEORGIA, Hall County   (before 1818 part of Jackson County)
1820 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1823 (56)Moren Moore Family
1830 (112)John Moore Family
(56)Moren Moore Family
(58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1840 (112)John Moore Family
(56)Moren Moore Family
1850 (56)Moren Moore Family
1860 (56)Moren Moore Family
1870 (56)Moren Moore with son Aaron

GEORGIA, Jackson County
1800 (112)John Moore Family
1808 (56)Moren Moore marries Elizabeth Snow
1809 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1810 (58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1812 (56)Moren Moore Family
1820 (112)John Moore Family

GEORGIA, Tift County
1920 (6)Wilton Emmett Roberts Family

GEORGIA, Walker County
1950 (2)Charles W Leonard Family

GEORGIA, Whitfield County
1930 (6)Wilton Emmett Roberts Family

MARYLAND, Cecil County
1690 (1638) Samuel Alexander Family -- (819)Sarah born
1716 (816) James Robert Alexander Family-- (408)Theophilus born
1734 (408) Theophilus Alexander Family marries (409)Catherine Wallace
ca 1768 (409) Catherine Wallace Family -- (408)Theophilus had died

MARYLAND, Charles County   (before 1658 part of St. Mary's County)
1663 (1730)John Wheeler Family -- (865)Winifred born
1685 (864)John Speake marries (865)Winifred Wheeler
1717 (432)Richard Speake marries (433)Theodosia Wade
1729 (864)John Speake Family
1731 (432)Richard Speake Family
1742 (432)Richard Speake Family

MARYLAND, Somerset County
1660 (3266) John McKnitt Family -- (1634)John born
1672 (1636) Matthew Wallace Family -- (1818)Matthew born
1686 (1632) Joseph Alexander marries (1633)Abigail McKnitt
1693 (1634) John McKnitt Family -- (817)Margaret born
1713 (816) James Robert Alexander marries (817)Margaret McKnitt

MARYLAND, St. Mary's County
1663 (1728)Thomas Speake marries (1729)Elizabeth Bowling
1681 (1728)Thomas Speake Family

NORTH CAROLINA, unspecified county
1738 unknown Evans Family -- (236)Thomas born
1786 (112)John Moore Family -- (56)Moren born

NORTH CAROLINA, Beaufort County
1758 unknown Moore Family -- (112)John born

NORTH CAROLINA, Guilford County
1768 (204)Joseph Alexander

1759 (527)Nicholas Evans Family
1759 (236)Thomas Evans Family
1768 (238)James Charles Family

NORTH CAROLINA, Stokes County   (before 1789 part of Surry County)
1790 (236)Thomas Evans Family

NORTH CAROLINA, Surry County   (before 1771 part of Rowan County)
1771 (238)James Charles Family
1771 (236)Thomas Evans Family
1778 (238)James Charles Family
1781 (239)Sarah Halbert Charles Family -- (238)James had died
1783 (118)Philip Evans Family -- (59)Sarah born
(118)Philip Evans Family
(236)Thomas Evans Family

OKLAHOMA, Greer County
1905 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family-- (24)Andrew died

SOUTH CAROLINA, unspecified county
1811 unknown Wilson Family -- (31)Elizabeth born
1814 unknown Pasley Family -- (30)Robert W born
1815 unknown Speake Family -- (27)Margaret born

SOUTH CAROLINA, Ninety-Six District
1776 (108)Richard Speake

SOUTH CAROLINA, Camden District/County
ca 1771 (204)Joseph Alexander Family
1772 (100) William McCluney Family
1784 unknown Roberts Family -- (96)Jesse born

SOUTH CAROLINA, Chester District/County
1784 (100)William McCluney Family -- (50)James born
1790 (100)William McCluney Family
1800 (100)William McCluney Family
1810 (100)William McCluney Family
1820 (100)William McCluney Family

SOUTH CAROLINA, Greenville District/County
1790 (239)Sarah Halbert Charles Family
(116)David Charles Garrison Family
(118)Philip Evans Family
1800 (112)John Moore Family
(116)David Charles Garrison Family
(118)Philip Evans Family
(58)Nehemiah Garrison Family
1810 (116)David Charles Garrison Family
(118)Philip Evans Family
1820 (116)David Charles Garrison Family
(118)Philip Evans Family
1830 (116)David Charles Garrison Family
(118)Philip Evans Family
1840 (118)Philip Evans Family

SOUTH CAROLINA, Newberry County
1776 (217)Sarah Speake

SOUTH CAROLINA, Union County   (before 1785 part of Ninety-six District)
1790 (206)Abraham Smith Family

SOUTH CAROLINA, Pendleton District
1810 (108)Richard Speake Family
1819 (108)Richard Speake Family

SOUTH CAROLINA, York District/County   (before 1785 part of Camden District)
1790 (96)Jesse Roberts Family
1800 (96)Jesse Roberts Family
(102)Samuel D Alexander Family
1810 (96)Jesse Roberts Family
(102)Samuel D Alexander Family
1820 (96)Jesse Roberts Family
(102)Samuel D Alexander Family
1827 (48)John Roberts Family -- (24)Andrew J born
1830 (48)John Roberts Family
(50)James McCluney Family
1840 (49)Jane Roberts Family - (48)John had died
(50)James McCluney Family
1850 (49)Jane Roberts Family
(50)James McCluney Family
(24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family
1860 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family
1864 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family
1870 (49)Jane Roberts with son-in-law David Good
1880 (49)Jane Roberts with son-in-law David Good
(49)Jane Roberts with son-in-law David Good

TEXAS, Tarrant County
1900 (24)Andrew Jackson Roberts Family

VIRGINIA, unspecified county
ca 1800 unknown SLAUGHTER Family -- (26)Robert born

VIRGINIA, Caroline County
(before 1728 part of Essex, King and Queen, King William Counties)
1754 (478)Joel Halbert Family
1857 (238)James Charles Family

VIRGINIA, Old Rappahannock County (1656-1691)
1663 (3830)Timothy Pell Family -- (1915)Susannah born
aft 1677 (1914)John Cook marries (1915)Susannah Pell

VIRGINIA, Essex County   (before 1692 part of Old Rappahannock )
1704 (1914) John Cooke Family
bef 1707 (958)Jeremiah Biswell marries (959)Mary Cooke Jenkins
1709 (956)William Halbert marries (957)Mary Cooke Wood
1715 (1914) John Cooke Family
1718 (957)Mary Halbert Taylor Family -- (956)William Halbert has died
1732 (476)Oliver Joel Charles Family -- (238)James born
1734 (478)Joel Halbert Family -- (239)Sarah born
1741 (478)Joel Halbert Family

VIRGINIA, Frederick County
1755 (216)Thomas Speake Family
1762 (216)Thomas Speake Family
bef 1774 (217)Sarah Speake-- (216)Thomas Speake has died

VIRGINIA, Halifax County
1748 unknown Barksdale Family -- (117)Elizabeth born

VIRGINIA, Henry County
1776 (116)David Charles Garrison -- (58)Nehemiah born

ENGLAND, Bedfordshire County
ca 1630 (3560)Henry Wheeler -- (1730)John born

ENGLAND, Lancashire County
ca 1634 unknown Speake family -- (1728)Thomas born
ca 1635 unknown Bowling family -- (1729)Elizabeth born

IRELAND, County Donegal
1640 unknown Wallace family -- (1636) Matthew born
1657 unknown Alexander family 1-- (1638) Samuel born
1660 unknown Alexander family 1 -- (1632) Joseph born

IRELAND, Ulster Province
1660 unknown Smith family -- (412) Henry born

1630 unknown McKnitt family -- (3266) John born
1632 unknown Wallace family -- (3267) Elizabeth born

1681 unknown Halbert family -- (956) William born