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Historical Dates of Interest
1656 Old Rappahannock County formed in Virginia
1692 Old Rappahannock County in Virginia split to form present-day Richmond and Essex Counties
1775-1783 Revolutionary War
1784 Franklin County in Georgia formed.
1786-89 Greenville and Pendleton Counties in South Carolina formed from land taken from Cherokee during American Revolution. (Cherokees supported the British.)
1796 Jackson County in Georgia formed from part of Franklin County.
1805 Georgia "Federal" Road through Cherokee Territory from Ringgold to Tate completed
1806 First Georgia Land Lottery held
1807 Second Georgia Land Lottery held
1813-14 Creek War
1815 Hightower Road from the Chattahoochee River to Cartersville and then west to Euharlee, Georgia. One of three or four Alabama Roads
1818 Habersham, Hall, and Gwinett Counties in Georgia formed. Hall County formed mostly from Jackson County.
1820 Third Georgia Land Lottery held
1821 Fourth Georgia Land Lottery held
825 Creeks removed from Georgia
1827 Fifth Georgia Land Lottery held
1828 Gold discovered in North Georgia
1830 Original Cherokee County formed in December
1832 Sixth Georgia Land Lottery (Cherokee Lottery) held. Land had not been ceded to Georgia from the Cherokees.
In December Cherokee County divided into ten counties--Cass, Cherokee, Cobb, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Murray, Paulding, and Union.
1832 Seventh Georgia Land Lottery (Gold Lottery) held
1835 Members of the Ridge or Treaty Party sign Treaty of New Echota without the approval of the Cherokee National Council
1838-39 Cherokee "Trail of Tears"
1860-61 Southern States secede
(5/5-9/4) 1864 Sherman's March from Chattanooga to Atlanta
1865 Last organized group of Georgia Confederate soldiers surrendered at Kingston, Georgia
1917-1918 War World I (US)
1941-1945 War World II (US)

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