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jeff cowherd

jeff cowherd was born in charleston, west virginia.  he grew up hiking, fishing, and generally exploring the beautiful mountains, valleys, and rivers of his home state with his family and friends.

jeff left wv to attend virgina tech where he studied art, architecture, and industrial design.  he successfully departed virginia tech and blacksburg, virginia with a bachelors degree in industrial design.  his studies took him to china, japan, the netherlands, france, switzerland, and italy where he studied arts + crafts and culture.

jeff continues to be interested in the diversity of the world and continues to explore and meet new people in far away places.  more recently he has traveled to alaska via the alaskan highway; the czech republic; greece; cali, colombia; and sayulita in nayarit, mexico.

jeff hopes to combine his life experiences in a way that will benefit/educate/inspire others.  he currently resides in modesto, california.


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